Thai lottery now 16.03.2020

Thai lottery today result 16 March 2020 | winning number tips

Thai lottery tip first paper 16.03.2020

Thai lottery tip 16.03.2020 first paper

Thai lottery tip fist paper 16.03.2020 primarily is making an best picks for Monday 16th March 2020.
Numbers being discussed in Thailand among avid followers are in the tip paper. Take a look at the tip paper and we shall discuss.

Thai lottery tip first paper 16.03.2020

Thai lottery tip first paper 16.03.2020

Recently a big lottery win happened in Canada. A worker in a mall walked in and asked a co-worker to check if he has won the lottery. To his utter shock, he won and was taking home $70 million. This man is Mathieu Julien a grocery store worker who bough the ticket last minute and won. What is this got to do with Thai lottery ? you may wonder. It tells you to take action and results will follow. It is not certain that everyone who buys a lottery wins. Go out get a Thai lottery ticket with numbers either recommended or one you think will win.

3 digits for Thai lottery 16.03.2020

3 digits for Thai lottery 16.03.2020

Take a good look at the winning numbers from the last draw. Most Thai people use various ways to win Thai lottery. They think of any event or occurrence that happens and make a not of numbers associated with it such as dates. One person hereLet me outline how you could leverage your thoughts to win.

Steps you can take to win Thai lottery 16 March 2020.

  • Observe and write down any numbers you see frequently
  • Think about any event that happened in the last 15 days.
  • Participate in discussions online in forums, websites related to Thai lottery.
  • Follow trends on lotteries around the world.
  • Believe you will win and the universe will conspire to help you.

About Thai lottery in 2020

Thai lottery result is drawn two times every month. To win a player must buy a lottery ticket costing THB 80. This is the price for 1 ticket and not a pair as claimed by some. On the draw date check on the results and see if you have matched any numbers. If you have matched all the 6 digits then you win THB 6 million. If you match 2 numbers then 2000 and so on. Read about Thai lottery prizes below.

Match digits to win Thai lottery result

Match digits to win Thai lottery result


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